Keno - A Game With A History

They say games of chance have been around as long as man has. Don't know about that, but, Keno has been around as long as the Great Wall of China! Over 3,000 years, now thats a long time! If you head over to , you can discover the online casinos that offer Keno.

What Makes It So Popular?

Keno is simple, and that is what makes it popular. Along with the potential to make you rich while having loads of fun. It is a numbers game, one that combines elements of a lottery or Bingo and roulette. It's all about picking your numbers, choosing the best betting odds and having some patience.

Spreading from China to America with the Chinese migrants because of its popularity. Keno is now known all over the world due to the advent of online casinos. The fact is that more and more online casinos offer their players the chance to play Keno tells you how popular it is and its simple rules keep on attracting players.

  • Keno generally offers a selection of 1 - 80 numbers to choose from.
  • Players can select from 1 - 10 numbers to bet on.
  • Online, the Random Number Generator (RNG) will select the winning numbers.


How Did Keno Originate?

The story goes a warlord wanted to protect his village but needed to raise funds to do so. Cleverly he decided not to tax the people more heavily, but let them volunteer their money by playing a game. Originally it was called, baige piao, meaning pigeon, due to the pigeon used to send the results to the far-flung villages.

The money raised was considerable as the game caught the attention of the people. The Chinese workers brought the game with them to America in the 1800s when they came as migrant workers. By the 1900s the name had changed to Keno. In 1933 a Nevada casino included Keno as one of their games and its popularity was assured.

Do You Need A Special Skill To Play Keno?

No, well maybe patience as you wait for your chosen number to appear. Although it might be a good idea to know the game's jargon. The game is usually called a 'Race', a 'Ticket' is the betting card you use to choose your numbers, known as 'Spots'. If your number comes up, it is known as 'catching a spot'!

Is The Betting Complicated In Keno?

Again the answer is no. You can select how many numbers you bet on, and Lady Luck takes care of the rest. Different online casinos offer different odds, so it's important to check that out. Your wager is for the ticket and number of races you want to bet on, not the number of spots you choose.

  • A £5 bet over four races would cost you £20
  • Always check the house edge to know the best odds
  • Check if your online casino of choice pays out for one number - not all do.

Are There Any Keno Playing Strategies?

Not as you would find in other online casino games, like Poker. It all comes down to how much you want to bet and how lucky you think your numbers are. The algorithm that the RNG uses means there is no patterns to be found from the winning numbers, so no predictions can be made.

Is It Worth Playing Keno?

Yes, it's fast, it's fun, with opportunities to win big. Keno offers you an entertaining game, but before you start to play, consider how you want to play. Bet high, by betting on several races at a time, or play safe and play for longer by selecting fewer races. Either way, you will enjoy a game of Keno.